New Orleans Injury Lawyer Wins Product Liability Case

Americans buy and use products every day. Coffee makers, hair dryers, glass containers, cars, toys, industrial machinery, farm equipment, ladders, swimming pools, medical devices, medication, etc. Since a “product” is any manufactured good, the list is essentially endless. We trust manufacturers that these products are safe and will not harm our loved ones or us. But, sometimes these products betray our trust and cause serious injury and even death.

As a products liability law attorney, I know that bringing a product liability lawsuit is the consumer’s most effective tactic against unreasonably dangerous products. While government regulations often lack the necessary authority to give manufacturers much more than a slap on the wrist. A product liability lawsuit allows the individual consumer to recover monetarily from an injury or death caused by a dangerous or defective product as well as take an active role in effecting changes to the market place.

Products liability cases are extraordinarily complex. Attorneys handling defective product lawsuits not only need specific products liability legal expertise, but access to various products liability experts to evaluate and testify regarding various scientific and economic issues. At Cueria Law Firm LLC, this outstanding injury attorney New Orleans has extensive experience in this field with access to the top experts in the United States with the ability to evaluate all types of defective products. Please visit to schedule a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case.

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