New Orleans Criminal Lawyer Gets The Job Done!

A criminal lawyer will fight for you to ensure the best positive outcome. It is a very frightening experience to be charged with a criminal offense. One of the most important decisions that you will ever make is choosing an experienced criminal justice attorney to defend you. This decision can make the difference with your case being dismissed or being convicted and possibly serving jail time. Don’t trust a public defender with your freedom. Often these attorneys are overwhelmed with their case load and do not have the time required to investigate all aspects of their cases. Never consider representing yourself; that is a big mistake! Prosecutors will not negotiate a plea deal with an individual representing himself.

Stephen Hebert is trained to negotiate with the prosecutors to possibly get the case dismissed, reduced charges, etc. by negotiating a deal. He is able to assess all aspects of your case and give you realistic updates of what to expect. This attorney can easily gather witness statements. Who is going to speak to an alleged criminal trying to represent himself? Witnesses may fear for their safety but are more willing to speak to and attorney. He is familiar with investigators to find importance evidence that can seriously make a difference in building your case.

Criminal defense is extremely complicated. This attorney understands the American legal system due to years of focused training and experience. Criminal charges of any kind are serious in the state of Louisiana, If you have been charged with a criminal defense, it is certainly in your best interest to contact this experienced criminal justice attorney. Visit to schedule a consultation.

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